I felt like Dr. Weiler really listened to me and I didn’t feel rushed.



This has been a life-changing experience! I’m down 30 lbs and feel better than I have in 20 years, from having TONS of energy to my joints not aching to not getting sick. Dr. Weiler is so caring and gives you her full attention – you’re never rushed. Everything done is customized specifically for you which was what I needed. They also educate you so you understand their plan and also so you can make better decisions going forward. I cannot recommend and thank Dr. Weiler and staff enough!



The office experience is always welcoming and positive. Dr. Weiler listens patiently to my concerns and questions and her responses are on the mark and supportive. She works collaboratively with me to make individualized plans for my wellness journey. Most importantly, my health has improved significantly under her care.



Dr. Weiler and staff are both knowledgeable and personable. Love the functional medicine approach!



 I thought Dr. Weiler was a great listener and very caring. I loved the fact that when I was freaking out with a health crisis she gave me some real-time on the phone. I appreciate that. Her office staff are really pleasant and caring also.



Great one on one attention. Always searched for the core issue and not just patching the symptoms.



I cannot say ENOUGH GOOD THINGS about my experience seeing Dr. Weiler. There is so much literature coming out regarding auto immune disease and it’s link to gut health. I needed someone to coach me through putting that knowledge into practice. Her evaluation process is thorough, and she spends REAL QUALITY time talking to you and looking at the data and making recommendations. Probably the BEST money I have ever spent on anything medical related. She helped me change my life for the better!



I learned a great deal and made incredible strides towards wellness. The entire Well Integrative team is knowledgeable and kind — and when you’re not well, both those qualities are greatly appreciated.



When I came to Well Integrative I wasn’t sure what to expect. As time went on I can’t believe how much healthier I feel and my lab result support it. The support and personal attention goes above and beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. I highly recommend them and their services. Dr Weiler and her team has help me learn to care for myself on a preventative manner and I’m grateful beyond measure.



Such a warm and inviting office. Everyone there was so kind. My first appointment went really well and I look forward for future visits!



It was a wonderful experience! The office and staff were very welcoming. Dr. Weiler made me feel comfortable and took a lot of time to explain about the practice and the various options available. I was truly impressed!



 We have gone to many doctors for my daughter’s stomach issues and Dr. Weiller is the only one that not only offered us hope for improvement but she consistently takes time to listen to us and sincerely cares about our daughter’s well being. Dr. Weiller has not improved the quality of life for our daughter but the quality of life for our whole family. She truly cares and will not stop until optimal health is achieved.



Dr Weiler spent 1.5 hrs w me going over everything I had on my mind regarding my general health. She put me on a path towards smoking cessation, a healthier diet and weight loss. I’m excited about working with her.



Thank you very much Dr. Weiler. Once again your insights and expertise have put me on a better path to good health! -Christine C.



Dr. Weiler is always sure to address any questions and concerns and treats my daughter with care, concern and age-appropriate communication. Love Well Integrative!



Prior to appt had to do follow up to keep on top of test/results. They were able to get me in to see her the next day once we finally connected. Time with Doc Weiler was very productive. Covered a lot of items.



I highly recommend Dr. Weiler. She takes the time to listen to my concerns and tries to find the cause of the disease, instead of just covering the symptoms with a drug. I have a chronic condition and she is the first doctor that actually helped me feel better – all by making diet and lifestyle changes. I am very grateful I found her!



Excellent program!!!! I’m finally seeing the results I’ve been searching for for years. I have found every step educational, very thorough and inspirational !!! The program is extremely effective and well worth the investment in your health!!!!



Dr. Weiler is always attentive and thorough. I’m so grateful for all she has done to help me heal.



Dr. Weiler listened carefully and made concrete recommendations about treatment moving forward. We have a plan in place and I am looking forward to working on it.



 This is the most comprehensive medical evaluation I had, and I’ve been to various medical providers. Dr. Weiler is extremely thorough and knowledgeable. Well worth the time and money to get to the root cause of persistent issues.



Dr. Weiler is patient, thoughtful and encouraging. I recommend her highly to anyone in search of a primary care physician.



I’m still in the midst of treatment so I can’t comment on the resolution of my issue yet. However, I’ve been very impressed with Dr. Weiler’s thoroughness in exploring all possible causes and the considerable time she devotes to discussing lab results, concerns, etc. in an easily understood fashion. As for the program itself, I value its holistic focus, flexibility to accommodate work demands, and it’s step-by-step structure which is well designed to help people make life changes.



Dr. Weiler and her team are amazing. Every visit includes customize care of body, mind, & spirit. She offers a wonderful mix of medical care and health coaching. I can’t say enough good things.



I love Well Integrative! Dr. Weiler is excellent. I trust her to search for ways to help that conventional doctors do not. She is also compassionate and thorough. I feel that she really listens to me.



As always I appreciate the time that Dr.Weiler takes to address all my concerns. I love the holistic approach that she takes to medicine. She always asks about my exercise routine and my eating habits. She is not a pill dispensing doctor but one that is always looking for natural ways to heal the body. I am very grateful to the friend who referred me to Dr. Weiler. I do not live close to her practice but consider the trip worthwhile given the way she practices medicine.



Dr. Weiler is very attentive and open minded. Listens well and comes up with options that may work just when you don’t think there are any. Would recommend her to anyone!



I have been seeing Dr. Amy for almost 2 years and I am amazed by the improvement in my health – this has dramatically changed my life for the better.



Dr. W is kind, compassionate and thoughtful.



Dr. Weiler and her staff are an absolute blessing. Dr. Weiler really takes her time and never rushes her appointments, she shows genuine concern for her patients and is as gentle as they come. This practice is everything you would hope for.


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