Dr. Weiler is always attentive and thorough. I’m so grateful for all she has done to help me heal.



Dr. Weiler listened carefully and made concrete recommendations about treatment moving forward. We have a plan in place and I am looking forward to working on it.



 This is the most comprehensive medical evaluation I had, and I’ve been to various medical providers. Dr. Weiler is extremely thorough and knowledgeable. Well worth the time and money to get to the root cause of persistent issues.



Dr. Weiler is patient, thoughtful and encouraging. I recommend her highly to anyone in search of a primary care physician.



I’m still in the midst of treatment so I can’t comment on the resolution of my issue yet. However, I’ve been very impressed with Dr. Weiler’s thoroughness in exploring all possible causes and the considerable time she devotes to discussing lab results, concerns, etc. in an easily understood fashion. As for the program itself, I value its holistic focus, flexibility to accommodate work demands, and it’s step-by-step structure which is well designed to help people make life changes.



Dr. Weiler and her team are amazing. Every visit includes customize care of body, mind, & spirit. She offers a wonderful mix of medical care and health coaching. I can’t say enough good things.



I love Well Integrative! Dr. Weiler is excellent. I trust her to search for ways to help that conventional doctors do not. She is also compassionate and thorough. I feel that she really listens to me.



As always I appreciate the time that Dr.Weiler takes to address all my concerns. I love the holistic approach that she takes to medicine. She always asks about my exercise routine and my eating habits. She is not a pill dispensing doctor but one that is always looking for natural ways to heal the body. I am very grateful to the friend who referred me to Dr. Weiler. I do not live close to her practice but consider the trip worthwhile given the way she practices medicine.



Dr. Weiler is very attentive and open minded. Listens well and comes up with options that may work just when you don’t think there are any. Would recommend her to anyone!



I have been seeing Dr. Amy for almost 2 years and I am amazed by the improvement in my health – this has dramatically changed my life for the better.



Dr. W is kind, compassionate and thoughtful.



Dr. Weiler and her staff are an absolute blessing. Dr. Weiler really takes her time and never rushes her appointments, she shows genuine concern for her patients and is as gentle as they come. This practice is everything you would hope for.



We are always so very happy with the time and care Dr. Weiler puts into our visits.



Dr. Weiler handled a delicate situation with me respectfully and compassionately. I had a panic attack in her office and I was not shamed for it. I was supported without judgment.



Dr Weiler and staff are kind, professional, knowledgeable, and caring!



Dr.Weiler was terrific. She listened carefully to our concerns about our son and put together a thoughtful plan for his care.



Best experience I’ve ever had in a doctor’s office. I’m really looking forward to getting better with the help of Dr. Weiler. I trust her completely.



It’s great to have a doctor and practice that recognizes they are in service to the patient. Dr. Weiler explained everything to us, but we never felt pressured to proceed with anything that would make us uncomfortable. Our daughter LOVED her checkup and is already looking forward to the next one. Thanks, Dr. Weiler!



Dr. Weiler is a treasure trove of information and the office experience is smooth and enjoyable. I feel like we’re closing on some long-time issues that I’ve been unable to identify until now.



My initial appointment with Dr. Weiler was great. We went over my health history and lab results I had from my previous doctor. She provided detailed feedback on what she saw and specific recommendations for supplements and a diagnostic approach to finding the root causes of my conditions, to be followed with approaches to reversing illness. She is very interactive and spent over an hour with this kickoff appointment. I’m very pleased to have her as my doctor.



I had an absolutely fantastic visit with Dr. Weiler. I had previously gone to someone who called himself a “holistic” doctor, who had absolutely no knowledge of the issues I was concerned about, and refused to do lab tests to look into my concerns. I was shocked at his extreme opposition to even listening to my concerns, even though I have read about how difficult it is to get cutting- edge care! Dr. Weiler doesn’t just say she is a holistic doctor, she really is one.



Dr. Weiler offered an extremely comprehensive examination and review of my symptoms/concerns, including excellent explanations of various diagnostic and treatment options. I am very motivated to pursue her recommendations in pursuit of a healthier life!



I loved the time, questions, and information Dr. Weil gave me. I wish this approach was more widely used and more accessible/affordable to everyone.



Awesome first visit. Dr. Wailer spent time asking questions, listening and really taking the time to understand my needs and challenges. She was well-prepared for my appointment, having thoroughly reviewed my paperwork and making notes on items to talk about.



After struggling with IBS and severe allergies for years, I came to Dr. Weiler looking for a coach to support my somewhat advanced knowledge of diet and health. She was patient, relatable, and informative, and instantly made me feel at ease. I appreciated how transparent she was with her cost/benefit analysis of various testing options. Though I wished that I had received more guidance on how to conduct a strict AIP paleo diet (the pamphlets I received were not strictly AIP and didn’t include specific recipes), Dr. Weiler was able to recommend several books to help me execute my own elimination diet, tailored specifically to my personal goals. I also wish that blood testing was conducted in-office, but understand that sometime resources cannot accommodate these kinds of services in-house. All-in-all, I’m very happy to have found Well and I look forward to continuing work with Dr. Weiler as a consultant, coach and support system throughout my health journey!



Just moved to Chicago and found Dr. Weiler through my insurance website. The office staff was friendly & efficient. My appointment with Dr. Weiler was not rushed, I had the time to tell her about my health concerns. It is nice to know I am a partner with the health care provider in my own health.



Dr. Weiler and her staff are super attentive and thorough!! Wonderful!



I just have to say that I found Dr. Weiler because I had a new infant that I didn’t want to vaccinate for a while and wanted a more holistic approach to her care and there she was, I kept running into her on my search. Within the first 5 days of life my daughter was hospitalized for jaundice and Dr. Weiler called almost every hour the day we noticed her very lethargic and with low appetite. Dr. Weiler was awesome I didn’t realize the magnitude of this until I shared the story with others. I knew how much I appreciated her, but realized frequent calls from a doctor in sensitive situations is not common. THANK YOU SO MUCH!



I feel so thankful to have found Dr. Weiler. For over two years I’ve not felt well. Other doctors have treated the symptoms but none explored the cause. She spent the time talking with and listening to me and, as a result, rapidly identified an underlying issue that we are now tackling — together. I’m learning so much in every visit. And, I finally feel that I’m on the right track. It’s great to feel that I’m taking action that will improve my health, and not just apply band-aid approaches to solving a problem.



My experience at Well Integrative has always proven to be exceptional. Dr Weiler spends a great deal of time with me, carefully going over my medical history and thoroughly explaining the results of any diagnostic tests until I am quite comfortable with the information. Her attention to detail, ability to impart clear, concise directives is reassuring. I am always impressed with the amount of time she spends with me and have never once felt hurried in any way. Such a different orientation than any other I have experienced.


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