Dr. Weiler is caring and working hard with her patients to get the best possible outcomes. She’s also the most knowledgeable doctor I’ve ever had.



Great experience here! Dr. Weiler is very caring, going above and beyond what one can expect from a regular physician.



Dr. Weiler and her team are truly amazing. It is refreshing to have a physician that actually takes the time to review your medical history, listens to you and ultimately is able to diagnose what others have missed. Dr. Weiler’s knowledge of gut health, alternatives in medicine and mind/body connection is unprecedented. I am feeling better and have a greater understanding of gut health, mind/body connection, nutrition and adrenals after going through the wellness course. Highly recommended!



I highly recommend Well Integrative Medicine. Dr. Weiler’s approach to holistic patient care is hard to come by. If you want a doctor that is passionate about treating more than just your symptoms, Dr. Weiler and her team can help.



I had a very positive experience with Dr. Amy. She was very attentive to my health needs, and I am looking forward to working with her to improve my health.



Love Well Integrative! Great positive environment, where the staff truly cares about their patients well-being. You will feel like you matter when you walk through their door! Thorough appointments, where you are given top notch care!



I felt heard and supported. Dr. Weiler and Sandy were both warm and kind.



Helpful and informative visit as always.



This is the medical group I have been looking for. I am so excited to begin to heal my body from the inside rather than treat the symptoms and ignore the cause.



I thoroughly enjoyed my visit with Dr. Weiler. She made me feel at home, and answered all my questions. After a lengthy discussion, we worked out a treatment plan for me. I would recommend Dr. Weiler to anyone that needs help understanding what is going on with their body and mind. Whether they feel something truly serious is going on, or if they just have not been feeling their best for a while. Sandy, has been a tremendous help answering questions I’ve had since my initial visit!



Well Integrative has been the best experience I’ve had with a doctor. The whole staff is very quick to respond to questions or concerns. Everything runs on time and they’re very flexible with the patient’s schhedule. Dr. Weiler and the staff seem to take a real interest in each individual and work diligently to help them improve their health.



Really like the office and Dr. Weiler. Everyone was very courteous and seemed like they cared.



Dr. Weiler is great to work with. Always an active listening presence. Capable of big picture and recommending changes or new ideas from that. The whole person is taken into consideration.



For several years I have been looking for a primary care physician that is more concerned with finding the cause of your medical problem rather than using the usual band aid approach and push prescription drugs with all the negative side effects. The six month program is well worth it. Everyone there is very knowledgeable and concerned with the patient getting healthy and staying that way. I highly recommend Well Integrative Medicine.



Your program is well thought out and the personal support and information have been amazing and as a result of your guidance and my effort, I am making progress towards achieving my health goals. Thanks!



Very comfortable office. Doesn’t seem like a normal Doctor’s office. Listened well and looking forward to going back.



Well Integrative is just what I was looking for. I had both elevated cholesterol and BP but didn’t want to go the prescription route. Dr. Weiler met with me and actually listened. After we decided it was a good match I began the 6 month program. Between individual appointments and group classes let by Danielle, a nutritionist, I not only learned so much but my weight and BP are within normal range and my cholesterol is on its way down. I feel great.



So far I’ve been very happy with my experience at Well Integrative Medicine. The staff is a wonderful group of women, all of them extremely kind and helpful. Dr. Weiler really listens to what you have to say and cares about you as a whole person and makes your visits very personalized. I’m very excited about this journey in their Wellness Program. I’ve already learned a lot about myself in the beginning of this process and I expect to come out on the other side feeling better.



Dr. Weiler and the entire staff of Well Integrative Medicine made my patient experience unique. I feel inspired to continue my journey to good health and I will continue to use Well Integrative for my future medical needs.



Great experience from beginning to end. Exactly what I was looking for. Thrilled !



Good initial assessment with helpful feedback and good listening skills. I appreciate her openness. After my appointment I got the blood draw and look forward to the follow up.



I came in to find out specific things about my health and Dr. Weiler has pointed me in the right direction to work on specific things for my health. She took her time and explained my test results and gave me options on how to proceed. I feel like I am able to better reach optimal health with her support and knowledge.



I was so excited to embark on the functional medicine journey. The program with Dr. Weiller and team was well thought out and effective—from baseline testing and detailed questionnaires to the detox diet and supplements. We made solid progress on 2 of 3 goals. Looking forward to staying with the practice and learning more every visit.



Dr. Weiler is the best. During the week, I made the one and a half hour drive to reach her office. It was well worth it. I recently saw a new doctor who is a few blocks from my house but she wasn’t Dr. Weiler. She was stressed, rushed and I didn’t feel that she was into preventative medicine. Therefore I wound up taking my blood test results etc. back to Dr. Weiler for a second opinion. I can’t say enough good about Dr. Weiler and her manner. She is calm, thorough, caring, and knowledgable.



I really enjoyed my experience! Amy was a great listener and also gave her suggestions in a way that was easy to understand. I also really liked that her team did not pressure me into doing or buying anything I didn’t want to.



Dr. Weil really listens. She and her staff are very supportive. I haven’t yet achieved the results that I’m seeking, but I am 100% in agreement with the tenets of functional medicine, and I remain hopeful that we’ll find the answers.



Hard to check “Loved It” as I don’t “love” going to doctors. Dr. Weiler spent a lot of time listening to me and discussing the “what’s next” options. She had also read by files before we talked, so we weren’t starting from scratch. Feel that I might be on the right health track to a healthier me!



Great experience. Amy spent the time to understand the issues, review labs and make solid recommendations.



My experience with Dr. Weiler has been excellent. I feel that she listens and really cares about my concerns. Her compassion in itself is healing because I finally feel that I have a doctor who sees me as an individual. My health has improved a great deal and I feel like I have a partner on my personal journey toward wellness. The office is well run and both Sandy and Danielle are wonderful!



After my first appointment, I could tell Dr. Weiler and staff at Well Integrative would be a good fit for me. Dr. Weiler knowledge and has the training and ability to look outside the box. Love the small family practice environment where Everyone is helpful and caring. The system is set up for effective Communication with your team in between appointments, which is crucial to me.


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