Our Proven Wellness Programs

Our proven 6-month and 9-month Wellness Programs and our 30-Day Supported Detox process offer support for people ready to transform their health and create lasting wellness.

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What are Wellness Programs?

Our 9-month and 6-month Wellness Programs are for people looking to make long-term change, reverse health problems, and prevent new issues from starting. We collaborate with patients using medical detective work, regular visits, individualized nutritional and detoxification support, testing, and a curriculum-driven educational process that teaches the tools for health transformation. We provide step-by-step support to help each person move beyond illness to lasting health and wellness.

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What can I expect from a Wellness Program?

An important part of these programs is mentoring — a blend of health coaching and medicine, which has proven to be highly effective for people who have not reached their goals yet and want personalized medical evaluation combined with coaching and support to help them get there.

The Programs are particularly well-suited for those newly diagnosed with pre-diabetes, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and autoimmune conditions. Clients will learn how to change their nutrition, lifestyle, and habits to heal and avoid additional medical interventions as much as possible.  

These Wellness Programs will especially serve patients looking to find triggers in their diet and lifestyle that are contributing to chronic pain or inflammation, or other manifestations of discomfort.

What is the difference between the 6 and 9-month programs?

The 9-Month program is for those who are tired of being sick, and are eager to truly transform their health. These patients often have more complex histories or medical issues that will benefit from the deepest dive possible. The decision to fight chronic illness is significant – it takes commitment and persistence.

This program includes unlimited physician and nutrition health coach visits in addition to functional medicine curriculum-driven education, an individualized nutrition and detox program, testing, and supplements based on test results. It’s designed to offer maximum support to reach your goals, surrounded by Dr. Weiler and our team.

The 6-Month program is created for people who have a particular health goal and are motivated to work a collaborative, supportive process offering a scheduled number of physician and nutrition health coach visits, testing, an individualized nutrition and detox program, functional medicine education, nutrition counseling, classes, and a treatment plan developed just for them.

What is the A La Carte Membership Program?

This program is for generally healthy people who want a certified Functional Medicine physician for primary care and typically don’t need to see a doctor more than 1-2x a year.

A La Carte Access includes: Access to the practice, one annual 30-minute checkup, portal access for test results and messaging, and easy phone appointment booking.

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30-Day Supported Detox Process

Our Functional Nutrition Health Coach leads patients through a Detoxify & Heal process. The program is designed to eliminate toxins, decrease inflammation, and nourish you with beautiful, healthy food.

And we take detox a step further to help you identify foods that are causing inflammation and pain, and come up with a do-able and delicious plan to enjoy a healthy diet full of the nutrition you need – without the foods that are holding you back from health.

The result is more energy, a healthier lifestyle, and a better functioning gut.

Getting Started

Our first meeting will be an in-depth conversation with Dr. Weiler to learn about you. We’ll start with a review of your health history, current concerns, and any steps you’ve already tried to achieve your desired wellness. Together we’ll review your health goals, come up with a treatment plan, and discuss suggested next steps to get you well.

Dr. Weiler will help you decide which of our Well Life wellness programs best suits your needs, based on your medical issues and the level of staff interaction and support you want or need.

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