Amana B.


I’ve never experienced such thorough and attentive care in my 14 years of chronic pain. Feeling very lucky to be here.

Diane G.


It’s such a great experience to talk with you! I love that you are helping me achieve better health. Great to actually go over in depth labs! So refreshing to have it explained so I can know what things mean and can take action if needed to make positive changes

David C.


Meg A.


Sandy was patient, caring and delightful and has a deep knowledge of the supplements and how they can support me.

Kathleen D.


Dr. Weiler was very caring, thorough and insightful during my initial visit with her. And her assistant/health coach Sandy went out of her way to help make my visit notably positive. I am excited to work with Dr. Weiler on addressing my osteoporosis and hypermobile Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (hEDS). I have met with a fair number of traditional and alternative providers over the years, and I feel a unique sense of engaging with the right provider right now. Haven’t felt this optimistic about my medical care in a while.

Fred K.


Diane G.


Alicia B.


Meg A.


Julie W.


I can’t say enough about Dr. Weiler – She has so much knowledge and wisdom- it’s such a gift to be in her care- but beyond that, she gives the rarest of all gifts from any doctor, and that is that she looks at you as an individual, and through the lens of genuine care. I am very fortunate to be her patient.

Monica K.


Tamara M.


This was my second visit with Dr. Amy and I must say that I had initially thought the visit was for 30 minutes, I had no idea it was going to be for an hour! Usually when you go to a conventional doctor the visits are 15-30 mins, sometimes it feels even less than that! It’s only during your annual physical that they see you for 45 minutes tops. Dr. Amy went over EVERYTHING with me from my diet to what physical symptoms I was having and to really thoroughly investigating what could be the culprit in my situation. She even had her assistant Sandy take the blood pressure test first laying down for ten minutes while taking my blood pressure, then get up and take the blood pressure test while standing, and then taking it again after 5 more minutes while standing! I’ve never had my regular doctor or any doctor in my life do this so I was pretty excited about it! She gave me some solutions to take and to keep her posted. This health journey is not a short one so it will take a couple of months to cleanse my system and hopefully address the root cause of my ailments but I’m happy to be on this ride in this moment in my life. I really appreciate the time and efforts of Dr. Amy and Sandy. They both have good energy and great vibes! Thank you, Amy and Sandy!

Mary Grace B.


Kristine A.


I loved my first appointment with Dr. Weiler. I really appreciated the amount of time she spent with me to get to know me and understand where I am at with my health. She took the time to really listen and make suggestions and referrals. She was patient, throughall and a wealth of information. I’m very excited to be a member of her practice.

Carla G.


I’m am truly thrilled to have found this office, doctor, and team. I feel heard and I leave feeling like I have a an understanding of my treatment. I didn’t have any of this at my last Integrative Medicine office. I spent two years waiting to feel better. I finally feel like there is light at the end of this Lyme disease, co infection, auto immune disease tunnel.

Kara H.


Always listens to me and meets me where I am at. I feel so heard and validated by Dr. Weiler.

Mary M.


Dr Weiler is extremely thorough and very attentive. Takes the time to answer all your questions. Easy to talk with.

Cheryl A.


Greatly appreciate the approach and I’m excited to start with the program!

Mary F.


I very much appreciated the amount of time and thoughtfulness I experienced during my first meeting with Dr. Weiler. No unequivocal promises, just the very real sense that she was interested in helping me figure out what was wrong with me. A clear plan for first steps and then steps after that and then whatever comes next.

Julie W.


Dr. Weiler is so warm and comforting, yet always looks beyond your symptoms to discover the root causes!

Carma M.


Dr. Weiler is so compassionate. She takes time with you and seeks to find the root of your medical issues, not just treat the symptoms. Best doctor ever!!!

Carrie S.


Best doctors appointment that I’ve ever been to! Dr. Weiler is kind, understanding, very intelligent and thorough. I have suffered from chronic health ailments for a long time and this is the first doctor who has given me hope in healing.

Christine C.


Dr. Amy Weiler is an amazing doctor who always takes the time to get to the root cause of issues and offers knowledgeable, insightful, and helpful recommendations to get me on the path to restore my health and well being. Dr. Weiler is a kind and amazing human being. Thank you for all that you do Dr. Weiler!

Carol S.


As always, Dr. Weiler exceeds expectations in her knowledge and understanding of my condition, as well as her empathetic and professional demeanor. She is patiently makes sure all of my questions are answered and I am comfortable moving forward with my health plan.

Mary Ellen G.


Dr. Weiler is an incredible doctor. Bright, attentive and caring. How fortunate I am to be under her care.

Katherine A.


Amy Weiler is the best. I’m 73 and have seen many doctors, nutritionists over the years. she’s an amazing diagnostician and chooses preventative means over invasive ones. I love her approach to the body and health.

Shayna R.


I felt Dr. Weiler was prepared for our meeting and listened to me and what I expressed I needed. I didn’t think she was pushing her agenda and she seemed willing to meet me where I am on health journey.

Kelly A.


After a year with my primary doctor trying to find why I have been feeling so sick with no answers, I decided to try a a consult with Dr. Amy Weiler. She took her time with me and really listened to my concerns regarding my health. My symptoms are all across the board, yet I felt confident as I was discussing my symptoms with her. With just a little nod and a tiny smile as I was talking, I could tell she was slowly putting my symptoms together piece by piece in her head like a puzzle. Not only that, I could tell she is very passionate and really cares about her patients health and well being. Her assistant Sandy, is extremely warm and sweet. Even though the road to recovery for me is just getting started, I feel like I am finally in the right place and for the first time in a long time I have hope, and that feels really good!

Bridgett M.


Dr Weiler was so easy to talk with. I never felt rushed. Very informative I feel I will be in good hands. Sandy her assistant is also wonderful.

Damon R.


I appreciate your attention to details, and gathering all the information from me and my wife. I felt like you really listened to me.


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