Carol S.


 It’s always a pleasure to meet with Dr. Weiler. I am comfortable to discuss anything in regard to my health and never feel rushed.

Amy G.


Dr. Weiler really took her time to look over my information, ask questions, and provide thoughtful insights on my care and how we should move forward.

Andrew I.


I see Dr. Weiler because of her comprehensive functional medicine approach, warmth, and expertise.

Seyda T.


Extremely present and very attentive – great diagnostic skills and exceptional staff!!!

Jarod R.


 I enjoyed our conversation and it felt really comfortable. I look forward to working with you on my health.

Dan M.


Dr. Weiler takes time to hear concerns and it very good about thinking “outside the box”. I highly recommend her!

Lee H.


Dr. Weiler is always supportive and helpful and able to translate medical terms into lay language and tie lab results back to real world behavioral or other causes/triggers. Thanks.

Melissa W.


Felt incredibly heard and that I am in good hands with Dr. W.

John T.


It was great meeting with Dr. Weiler to go over my initial lab results and talk about a plan of care. The time together on line was great–it was so nice to actually have time to talk things through. She is obviously a really good doctor and cares about her patients. I have hope that with Dr. Weiler’s help my health will improve.

Rebecca R.


Dr. Weiler and everyone in the office is committed to providing quality care and compassionate problem-solving to address the medical unknowns.

Alyse R.


Dr. Weiler is always so caring. Whether on the phone or in person, I feel I receive excellent medical attention.

Allen S


I truly appreciate the level of due diligence, research, and options offered by Dr. Weiler to help with my issues.

Mary G


Couldn’t be more pleased with the care given to me toward better health. The atmosphere at Well Integrative is tranquil and reassuring. Dr. Amy and Sandy are a pleasure!

Staci G


Dr. Weiler was a great listener, and I felt very encouraged after talking with her.

Kathy R


One of the most important things that a person can do to help another person- is to listen to understand. Dr. Weiler excels at that- which is the first step in helping one to heal. My experience with Dr. Weiler and her team has been excellent from day one. The overall impact on my health and wellness has far exceeded what any other physician has achieved.

Julie W


Dr. Weiler really gives her total focus to address and uncover the less obvious causes of really challenging symptoms! What a wonderful gift to medicine , and to those of us who are lucky enough to have found her!

Carma M


Dr. Weiler is very compassionate and takes time to listen to your concerns. Her staff is very friendlily and helpful!

Suzanne P


Dr Weiler really listens. She is very knowledgeable and compassionate.

Allen S


Great on-time appointment. Super friendly staff were very welcoming. During my appointment I felt heard and not rushed. I’m excited to begin this new chapter in my wellness journey. Thank you!

Alyse R.


Dr. Weiler takes her time and really listens. That’s so rare these days.

Adam D.


Thank you as always Danielle & Dr. Weiler!



Friendly, genuine and non-judgemental. Looking forward to working with them!



DR Weiler is the best DR I have come across in my 60 yrs. She listens, shares her knowledge & puts you on the right track. Most importantly I trust her. She really knows her stuff. Her staff is absolutely superb. She saved me. I searched her out after diagnosis of hashimotos & the “specialist” only made me worse. I’m so happy I found her.

Scot R.


Dr. Weiler is a caring and thorough physician focused on addressing the root causes of various conditions and improving patient quality of life.



As always, I leave the office armed with information, strategies, and action plans. I feel listened to and see my healthcare journey as a team effort because of the support of Dr. Weiler, Sandy and Danielle.



Dr. Weiler and her staff were beyond any medical experience I’ve ever had. It’s so comforting to be able to lay out all your health issues to one person who wants to get to the root of the problems; not just treat the symptoms.



The longest Dr. Visit I’ve ever experienced, but in a very good way! Dr. Weiler was very attentive and caring and I left feeling confident that she will help me to improve my health. The entire experience, including reception and email updates, has been wonderful.



As another physician with my own office, I can really appreciate a well run office with caring employees. Dr. Weiler has a very impressive office. She and her staff made me feel very welcome. Her office is clean, stylish and well thought out that she even uses a sound machine to enhance patient privacy. I love that Dr. Weiler incorporates functional medicine into her practice and that she seems genuinely interested in all the details of my health and what I have to say.



Dr.Weiler is very compassionate and attentive to my health care needs. She is a problem solver and continually digs to find the source of problems and then works diligently to find a solution. She has helped me tremendously in the past year!



Great experience as always!


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