The appearance of a scar can vary, depending on what caused it, how your body heals, your natural skin tone, and the location on your body.

Why do scars form?

Scars form through a variety of circumstances, including accidents, skin conditions like acne, surgical scarring, or as a result of certain diseases. When recovering from an injury or skin condition, your skin cells produce collagen at a quicker rate than your body’s natural collagen production. This action is done to repair the wound. As a result, the scarred skin typically appears thicker and less flexible than the surrounding, unblemished skin.

How can Well Integrative Medicine help me?

In functional medicine, even with scars, we look to understand what caused the scar. After we evaluate to help ensure more scarring doesn’t occur, we can look at treatment options. Your age, natural skin tone, and how long you have had your scar will also affect the type of treatment needed to improve it. At Well Integrative Medicine, we have the training and experience to determine what type of scar you have, if it is likely to fade with time, when to treat it for best results, and which specific treatment is recommended. 

To have your scar(s) evaluated, and to receive a potential treatment plan, schedule a consultation today. We provide Icon laser treatments. Icon’s 1540 fractional laser stimulates collagen and elastin production, which helps to firm up the skin and reduces acne and surgical scars.

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