Functional Medicine Consultation

Take the next steps to begin on your path to wellness with Dr. Amy Weiler!

Our first meeting will be an in-depth conversation about you. We’ll review your health history, what you’ve already tried to achieve your desired wellness and your current concerns. Together we will discuss your health goals, come up with a treatment plan, and identify what path will be optimal for you.

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*As an important note, our office does not accept or submit to insurance (out-of-network provider)

Dr. Amy Weiler
Well Integrative Functional Medicine Consultation

Hear what our patients have to say

“Dr. Weiler and her team are truly amazing. It is refreshing to have a physician that actually takes the time to review your medical history, listens to you and ultimately is able to diagnose what others have missed. Dr. Weiler’s knowledge of gut health, alternatives in medicine and mind/body connection is unprecedented. I am feeling better and have a greater understanding of gut health, mind/body connection, nutrition and adrenals after going through the wellness course. Highly recommended!”
– Amy  

“My experience with Dr. Weiler has been excellent. I feel that she listens and really cares about my concerns. Her compassion in itself is healing because I finally feel that I have a doctor who sees me as an individual. My health has improved a great deal and I feel like I have a partner on my personal journey toward wellness. The office is well run and both Sandy and Danielle are wonderful!”
– Kathleen

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