Are you currently accepting new patients?

Yes, we are. All of our patients enter the practice by signing up for one of our wellness programs to get well and stay well for years to come.

How is Well Integrative Medicine different from other medical practices?

Dr. Weiler is board certified in Family Medicine and has received the Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner credential from The Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM). As a former clinical social worker, Dr. Weiler takes the time to listen and get to know patients – there is no rush to prescribe.

Well is an innovative wellness practice using functional and integrative tools, providing thoughtful, relationship-oriented medical care. We begin by taking a deep dive into your medical history, lifestyle, and current symptoms to help you get well and stay well.

Our approach combines the best of conventional, functional, and integrative medicine, addressing not only physical symptoms but also psychological, social, environmental, and spiritual aspects of health and illness. We go beyond treating symptoms – we look for why the symptoms exist and begin our treatment there. 

What program is right for me?

If you are generally healthy and are simply looking for a Functional / Integrative Physician to handle your primary care, you should be fine with Open Access.

But if you’re tired of being sick and ready to get well, a supported 6 or 9 month program may be just what you need to change course and get on the path to vibrant health. Our practice isn’t about quick fixes – we create positive change that lasts.

Why are programs more effective for creating lasting change?

We have found that when patients have to pay for services and products “a la carte” they often feel it necessary to skimp or cut out important parts of their evaluation, treatment and recovery. Or some patients cut their treatment short when they feel “better enough” rather than finishing the work to achieve real wellness. We want you to have amazing results and get all the personal answers you need for your case, so our 6 or 9 month programs just include everything we think is going to be necessary. We want to take the concern about “how much is this going to cost and how long will it take?” off the table at the very beginning, and then just get on with the business of creating abundant health!

Do you see children in the practice?

Yes, we do provide Functional Medicine evaluation and treatment for children. We typically see children with chronic medical concerns or health problems that have not successfully responded to standard therapies. We no longer practice primary care for new patients under the age of 12.

Do you take insurance?

Our practice is an “out of network” provider for all health insurance plans.

Won’t you get too busy and wind up being difficult to reach like most other doctors?

No. The average solo physician has over 2000 patients and sees more than 20 patients per day, but we won’t practice like that. We consciously keep the practice small and typically see no more than 7 to 8 patients a day.

How can I join the practice?

All of our new patients enter the practice via a wellness program. Please view this webinar, learn more on the “Programs” page or contact our office at 773-784-7000 when you are ready to schedule a consultation with Dr. Weiler so she can help you decide which of our wellness programs will be the best fit for you.

How are appointments scheduled?

Initial appointments are scheduled once we receive your completed patient paperwork which is required before the first visit. Existing patients can schedule appointments by contacting the office via phone at 773-784-7000.

What happens if I get sick outside of regular business hours?

We provide after-hours phone access to physician support for our patients. Because we know our patients well and calls are handled by Dr. Weiler, we can respond to your concerns personally and thoughtfully address your immediate concern.

What if I need hospitalization or specialist care?

At Well, we work with many of Chicago’s finest hospitals. If you need hospitalization, Dr. Weiler will maintain contact with your hospital team. Upon discharge, we provide seamless follow-up.

Dr. Weiler will arrange for specialty care if it is needed. We routinely consult with specialists at many Chicago area hospitals and medical centers, including Swedish Covenant Hospital, Illinois Masonic Medical Center, Lurie Children’s Hospital and Rush Medical Center among many others.


We're happy to answer any questions you may have, feel free to call us at
(773) 784-7000