We had a really scary encounter last week. Both Danielle and Amy went beyond the call of duty to reassure us and provide excellent care. We were squeezed in the same day, received referrals to specialists that were most helpful and even got phone calls and follow ups after hours. I would definitely recommend Well Integrative Family Medicine. Thank you for taking care of our family!



I am very pleased with the personal touch and the fact that I will find my root cause. Dr. Weiler is very open to input and discussion. I am very excited that I have joined this practice.



Dr. Weiler was compassionate and attentive. She gave us the tools we needed to start a path to better health. We accomplished more in one appointment than we have in years at other clinics. Thank you!



Excellent communication and no rush.



I give well Integrated 4 1/2 ?s or better . Caring professionals.



Since climbing aboard with Well Integrative, I have found a sense of calm in relation to my physical, mental and emotional well being. I feel comfortable and confidant in the hands of Dr. Weiler, given my experience with her thoroughness, kindness and transparency. I am grateful for the care that I have been given already and expect to be with Well for many, many years to come.



Dr Weiler at Well Integrative Family Medicine has been my primary care physician for nearly five years now and she is, without question, the most attentive, thoughtful and knowledgable medical professional I’ve ever had the good fortune to call “my doctor.” When I moved to Chicago five years ago, I never thought I’d be able to find a physician as gifted, skilled and conscientious as the doctor who had treated me for the prior 15 years (when I resided in another state). After my first few appointments with Dr. Weiler, however, I realized I’d done just that. That Dr. Weiler and the staff at Well Integrative Family Medicine take the time to listen and respond to patients is rare enough. But rarer still is that the amount of thought Dr. Weiler puts into my wellness clearly extends beyond the duration of my check-ups and exams. It’s also become quite clear that Dr. Weiler isn’t just a practitioner of medicine, she’s also an enthusiastic student, always sharing the latest information.



It is hard with my job for me to make appointments. I needed to see Dr. Weiler about something that was time sensitive so I called on an unusual day off to make an appointment. Turned out she could see me that same day! I was very grateful. The gal at the front desk (I’m sorry I forgot her name) who also took vital signs and did some other tasks was very friendly and efficient. I appreciate that Dr. Weiler is very thoughtful in her approach, acknowledging that health does not consist of black and white answers. And she involves the pt in the discussion. It is clear that she keeps educating herself, and I appreciate that.



Clean calm reception area and exam room. Having so much of the paperwork completed prior to the first visit, allowed for the wait to be minimal. It is very refreshing to spend an hour with a physician who genuinely listens and asks follow up questions, who has thoroughly read the paperwork you submitted, and who is seeking healing, whole patients, rather than what the best symptom blocker or situation management could be. I am looking forward to working with Dr. Weiler.



Dr. Weiler gives you the time you need to discuss all your issues and explains her thought processes in regards to her suggestions for treatment.



Dr. Weiler is just great.



I am so grateful for Dr. Weiler. She is committed to finding the root cause of illness. She has spent a great deal of time with me, not only figuring out the best path to wellness, but calming my anxiety. At the end of each visit she provides an easy to follow and detailed plan. I have come such a long way in the few months she has been my doctor.



Always a great experience with Dr. Weiler. I always feel as though I have come to a good friend who will listen. She is very knowledgable on the preventative rather than waiting for the other shoe to drop. I learn a lot from every visit from her wealth of knowledge and try to implement daily. Have recommended her to many friends.



Appreciate the approach to understand the whole person instead of segmented symptoms. Amy went so far as to recommend a dentist!



I can highly recommend Well Integrative Family Medicine to anyone who is seriously interested in staying healthy with life-style changes and making good choices for him- or herself. The staff is courteous and professional and Dr. Weiler takes ample time to talk and understand her patients and bases her recommendations on your specific life-style and health needs. I give this office 5 stars!



Spends a lot of time never rushed.



I have been a patient of Amy Weilers for over a year now and in every visit I am never rushed out. She gives you all of her attention and listens to all of your questions and concerns and never dismiss your concerns like a lot of doctors out there. She is calm, patient and I highly recommend her to anyone who wants high quality care!



Beautiful office and caring staff. I look forward to working with Well Integrative on my health journey.



Thank you Dr. Weiler and Danielle for a very pleasant and satisfying visit. How unusual for a medical professional to spend so much time with one patient getting to know them. I appreciate your way of treating those of us in need. Thanks again!



Thank you Dr. Weiler and Danielle for a very pleasant and satisfying visit. How unusual for a medical professional to spend so much time with one patient getting to know them. I appreciate your way of treating those of us in need. Thanks again!



Great doctor and staff. Would high recommend them 🙂



I am so appreciative of Dr. Weiler’s approach. I have never before had a doctor that was so thorough. She listens carefully to all your concerns and then comes up with a course of treatment that makes sense. It’s a real collaboration between doctor and patient. She never seems rushed and gives you as much time as is needed. I have to travel a considerable distance to see Dr. Weiler but consider the trip totally worth it due to her special expertise.



Dr. Weiler spent a lot of time with me- reviewing my priorities, developing action plans, etc. She and her staff, Danielle, are very friendly, personable, and professional.



Super thorough.



I came to my appointment with Dr. Weiler with 5 questions, by the time we finished, I realized I had a total of 10 topics I would like her advice on! That was a lot. Dr. Weiler was unflappable, remained calm and thoughtful as she went through each topic I wanted to touch on, gave me advice and referrals. Great appointment! 



From the check in to check out the experience was excellent.






Professional, genuine and thoughtful.



Thank you! 🙂



Great to have a practice so aligned with our family!


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