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Our goal is to help our patients be well, in every way

As a patient

You will collaborate with Dr. Weiler and her team. Dr. Weiler is committed to taking time with you to understand your unique situation and to help you to identify the best next steps for you as an individual. Your commitment to both Dr. Weiler and to yourself is to be an active partner in this journey, to act in ways that promote health and well being, and to accept responsibility for your overall health.

“Our bodies are our gardens – our wills are our gardeners.” William Shakespeare

Integrative Primary Care

Integrative primary care focuses on treating current illness as well as building and maintaining overall health and wellness.

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With integrative primary care, both conventional and complementary methods of treatment are used to promote a healing response. Effective, all-natural treatments are utilized whenever possible.

Integrative primary care, seeing the patient through a more holistic perspective, neither rejects conventional medicine nor accepts alternative therapies uncritically. The goal is to embrace overall health, wellness and prevention of illness.

Many underlying conditions, once identified, can be addressed by straightforward modifications of diet or lifestyle leading to relief of symptoms often without the need for daily medication.

Integrative Pediatric Care

Well Integrative Family Medicine offers integrative pediatric care to our young patients and their families. Integrative primary care for children looks at the complete picture of the individual child’s health; monitoring growth, treating illness, achieving wellness with a strong emphasis on preventive care through lifestyle and diet.

Dr. Weiler recommends nutritional counseling and toxicant avoidance as appropriate for children.  She also generally supports vaccinations for children.  She embraces a combination of conventional care with complementary therapies, resulting in a more holistic approach to caring for her young patients

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As a board-certified family medicine practitioner, Dr. Weiler is well qualified to partner with children and their parents as they seek wellness.