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We believe food is powerful medicine, and we help you to evaluate and make changes to the way you nourish your body to dramatically benefit your health.

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What are functional nutrition services?

Since functional medicine approaches the body from the perspective of treating the root causes of disease, we use functional nutrition services as a big first step. Our approach is to use food to nourish and heal your body on a biochemical and cellular level. In this way, we can prevent and treat illness and improve your overall quality of life.

In a patient-centered approach to healing, we will assess your lifestyle and your internal and external environments. We will then create an individualized plan with you that is achievable and will help you restore and maintain optimal health.

At Well Integrative Medicine in Chicago, our services include:

  • Grocery Store Tours
  • Weekly Food Diary Evaluations
  • 1-on-1 Nutrition Consultations
  • Supported 28-Day Detoxes

What are grocery store tours?

Grocery shopping is the very first step to eating healthy. However, navigating the grocery store with this in mind can be intimidating and challenging. This is especially the case when you’re starting to adopt new lifestyle choices for your overall health and wellness. Let our Functional Nutritionist help you perfect your food shopping process.

We’ll walk you through a grocery store in the Chicago-area. Aisle by aisle, we’ll help you make the best food choices, show you how to read labels, introduce new ingredients, pick out healthy on-the-go options, answer your questions and provide grocery shopping and meal planning tips. Get ready to learn how to grocery shop with your optimal health in mind.

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Food diary

What are weekly food diary evaluations?

Adhering to diet and lifestyle changes can be a real challenge, but it need not be. With weekly nutritionist support, it can be a lot easier to make real changes to benefit your health and wellness. In this offering, you send food diaries and symptom logs to us every week, which we review via secure email or over the phone. Personal recommendations and adjustments can be made each week, keeping your diet tasty and interesting, so you’re seeing progress and staying on track with your goals.

What are nutrition consultations?

When it comes to nutrition, it is essential to establish healthy changes that you can personally sustain over time. To this end, we offer individual nutrition counseling sessions for children and adults – in person as well as via phone. 

Our functional nutritionist is here to help guide your food choices and teach you what your body needs. Together, we will set short and long-term goals to improve not just your health, but your quality of life. 

We will provide recommendations specifically designed for your lifestyle, medical needs, and preferences. Your first visit will be scheduled for a longer length of time, so we can obtain a detailed history and start personalized goal-setting. As you start making positive changes in your life, you will start to see improvements and be inspired to keep it up!

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Woman on a detox

What are supported 28-day detoxes?

A 28-day detox with the help and support of our board-certified Nutrition Specialist, Danielle LaPierre, MS, CNS, LDN, will help you get your health back on track. In just four weeks, we will help you remove harmful toxins from your body. You will experience improved digestion, greater mental clarity, more energy, and reduced body fat. Even though our bodies naturally remove toxins, our 28-day detox will accelerate this process by nutritionally supporting the body’s natural detoxification processes. We will also help you create sustainable habits for life-changing results.

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